pHresh Deodorant


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Discover a RepHreshing New Aluminum-Free Deodorant

All Natural, All Powerful pHresh

Meet pHresh, the best natural deodorant — period. pHresh harnesses the power of vegetables and plant-based ingredients to keep your underarms clean and pHresh all day long.

Get a pHresh Perspective

Ideal for normal and sensitive skin, pHresh boasts soothing organic aloe, a miraculous plant lauded by dermatologists for its skin-saving properties. pHresh puts an end to odor-causing bacteria through the powerful antimicrobial ingredient Saccromyces Ferment, which is derived from vegetables and contains live enzymes that help absorb moisture and bring your armpit’s natural pH into balance. pHresh glides on smooth and clear, and won’t leave residue on clothes. Made in the USA, pHresh has an array of clean scents (and an unscented option, too), but it’s equally popular for what it doesn’t have.

100% Natural Deodorant pHresh Is Free From:

• Aluminum
• Chemicals
• Artificial Colors & Ingredients
• Glycols
• Parabens
• Animal Testing
  • Barely Deodorant
  • Sugar Deodorant
  • Tropical Deodorant
  • Creme Deodorant
  • Phree Deodorant